Power Lock

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  • How to Select The Clamp Lock
    1. From table 1 we can get the safety coefficient Lf.

    2. From motor input power P (kw) and shaft revolution speed N (rpm) we can get the workong torque Tw.

    3. Fa=Lf*Fa If axial force exists.

    4. Calculute the combined working torque Ttw

     5. Select the right size of clamp lock which T >= Ttw.

    Safety Coefficient lf Table 1
    Smooth Slight Shock Medium Shock Heavy Shock
    1.0 1.25 1.75 2.25
  • Clamping Sleeve
    Clamping Sleeve

    Former use key   "with key" Now use clamping sleeve   "without key"
    with key without key

    The Benefits of Using Clamping Sleeve:
    1. Easy to assemble and disas-semble.
    2. Material strength of shaft without key way is higher than of shaft with key way.
    3. We supply many kinds of stan-dard sizes of clamping sleeve as shown in next page.
        Note :
        The taper ratio is 1 : 10
        (i.e. The taper angle is 2.86°)
  • Clamping Sleeve

    Clamping Sleeve

    Ts(Nm)-Wrench torque. T(Nm)-Transmissible torque due to Ts acting. F(kN)-Axial force due to Ts acting. p(N/mmM2)-Surface pressure acting on the hub.